How does it work?

  1. Turn the crank: Rotate the lever and activate the magic.
  2. Music and Card: The music box melody begins as a card pops out.
  3. Read and Display: Read the exciting message and place the card on the Happy Loop.
  4. Cherish the Moment: Experience the joy and strengthen your bonds.

Step 2. Choose your cards

Buy 12 decks of cards and get one Happy Loop for FREE ✨

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Why choose Happy Loop?

  • Meaningful Connections

    Strengthen the bonds with yourself and loved ones through surprise cards and heartfelt melodies.

  • Unplug and Reconnect

    Take a break from screens and rediscover genuine moments of joy and connection.

  • Elevate Your Daily Routine

    Incorporate Happy Loop into your daily routine, starting each day with a surprise card.

The Happy Loop Self-Love

The Happy Loop Self-love is designed to promote empowerment, mindfulness, and positivity. As you turn the lever, the soothing melody "What a wonderful world" fills the air, accompanied by a card that inspires reflection, encourages self-love and promotes well-being.

Create your own rituals and daily reminders to prioritize self-care. Each card carries messages of encouragement, affirmations, and gentle reminders to take time for yourself and practice self-love.

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The Happy Loop for Family

The Happy Loop Family is designed to spark joy, imagination, and connection among children & families. As you turn the lever, the soothing melody "Over the Rainbow" fills the air and a surprise card emerges, filled with a playful activity, an interactive prompt or a message that engage young minds and create memorable experiences as part of their daily routine.

Inspire creativity and fun-filled moments with your little ones. Each card presents playful activities, interactive prompts, and messages that encourage bonding, laughter and exploration.

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The Happy Loop for Couples

The Happy Loop for Couples is designed to ignite romance, deepen connections, and celebrate love. As you turn the lever, the soothing melody "La vie en rose" fills the air, accompanied by a card that inspires reflection and expresses love and affection every day.

Infuse your daily routine with love and create moments of intimacy. Each card carries positive messages, romantic gestures, and prompts for shared experiences that strenghten your bond.

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Happy Loop FAQs

How does the Happy Loop work?

The Happy Loop is a wooden box that combines music and surprise cards. By turning the crank, a delightful melody plays, and a card pops out, displaying a positive message. The card can be placed on the front of the Happy Loop as a keepsake.
The box can hold a pack of thirty custom-made and lovingly crafted cards. Dozens of refills will be available on our website at the time of launch. It's a simple and enchanting experience that strengthens bonds and spreads happiness.

What is the difference between the three box designs?

Different box designs for different moments. Happy Loop offers three unique box designs: couples, family, and self-love. Each design is tailored to specific occasions, creating a personalized experience that suits your needs. The pack of cards included for free in your order will also depend on the model you have chosen.
During the official launch of the product, you will be able to purchase refills of your choice, regardless of your initial Happy Loop. In fact, our cards have been designed to be compatible with all three initial boxes.

Is Happy Loop suitable for all ages?

Yes! Happy Loop is designed to bring joy to people of all ages. Whether you're surprising a child, expressing love to your partner, or sending self-care reminders to yourself, Happy Loop is a delightful experience for everyone.

Where and how can I store my cards as I draw them?

We will very soon offer storage and display options on our website so that you can keep, collect, and showcase your favorite cards.

Where do you ship the Happy Loop?

Good news, the Happy Loop is available in a lot of countries in the world 🎉

Here is the list:

🇦🇺 AUSTRALIA, available on our European website

🇨🇦 CANADA, available on our US website

🇨🇴 COLOMBIA, available only on our US website

🇪🇺 EUROPE and 🇨🇭 SWITZERLAND, available on our European website

🇫🇷 FRANCE, available on our European website

🇵🇪 PERU, available only on our US website

🇵🇭 PHILIPPINES, available only on our US website

🇬🇧 UNITED-KINGDOM, available on our European website

🇺🇸 UNITED-STATES, available on our US website

Buy 6 decks and get a free Happy Loop!

You can get a free HappyLoop when you buy 6 decks of cards!👏🏼
Here’s how:
1. Choose your desired HappyLoop and add it to your cart.
2.Select the deck of cards you want
3. Go to your shopping basket, and if you’ve added the required number of card decks,(6) your HappyLoop will automatically show up as free!

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Join the Happy Loop Movement

Together, let's redefine the way we strengthen bonds and create a happier, more connected world—one card at a time.

About us

Born from the Lovebox team's passion for strengthening bonds and creating moments of joy, Happy Loop is the result of a remarkable journey. With the support of our community of dedicated beta testers, we co-built this product, embracing their valuable feedback every step of the way.

Now, Happy Loop stands as a testament to our commitment to authenticity, positivity, kindness, and sharing. It is an embodiment of our collective desire to foster deeper connections and create a happier, more connected world.

  • Experienced team

    Created by the same team behind Lovebox, with over 250,000 products sold worldwide.

  • Quality track record

    Our first product, the Lovebox, has 4.5* reviews on Amazon and Uncommongoods.

  • Trusted partners

    Our products are distributed by major retailers such as: Uncommongoods, Urban Outfitters, and the MoMA Design Store.